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Rumored Macklemore video shoot sparks Seattle frenzy

There's no sign of Macklemore yet at the Capitol Hill Dick's Drive In, despite Kimi Kline's efforts to track the rapper down. But the crowds were growing throughout the afternoon.(Kimi Kline/KIRO Radio image)

UPDATE 2: Kimi says there’s been a Ryan Lewis sighting to go with the tour bus.

UPDATE: Kimi breathlessly reports she has now spotted a rock star-worthy tour bus parked in front of Dick’s.

The Macklemore frenzy is reaching a fever pitch around Seattle Wednesday after word got out the chart-topping local rapper and his partner Ryan Lewis would be shooting a video atop the Dick’s Drive-In on Capitol Hill.

The rumor mill started heating up earlier Wednesday when several people let out word on Reddit of what was supposed to be a big secret.

But by Wednesday afternoon, the secret was out. There’s no official word, but King County Metro sent out an alert saying buses would be rerouted around Capitol Hill because Broadway would be closed between E. Pine St. and E. John St. from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Traffic could be a nightmare long before. Hundreds if not thousands of fans are expected to converge for a look at Seattle’s newest superstar. Even KIRO Radio traffic reporter Kimi Kline is abuzz, flying over for any sign of Macklemore.

One very well connected source confirmed the video shoot for KIRO Radio, saying it was for the song White Walls and would get underway at 8 p.m.

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