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Home Energy Cleansing: The Crystal Ball That Does Windows

Robyn Fritz sits with Fallon, her crystal ball, in Rachel Belle's living room. (Photo by Rachel Belle)

Seattle’s Robyn Fritz cleans houses, but she doesn’t do windows. Or floors. Or use cleaning products. Robyn really doesn’t touch a thing.

Her job is to clear a home’s energy. She clears out stale energy left behind by prior tenants, someone who has passed away, negative emotions you’ve scattered about and she does this by talking with you and your house.

“Everything is alive, everything has a soul, is conscious, has responsibility and choice and an attitude. So when I go in to clear a space, my goal is to create harmony between people and their spaces.”

I invited Robyn over to my 100-year-old apartment building. But before she came over, she asked me to tell her what I wanted from my home. I told her I’ve been feeling creatively stifled there.

When she arrived she introduced me to her partner.

“My partner came along in 2009 and I’m like, oh my God, a crystal ball, really?” Robyn laughs. “Yeah, it’s a stereotype and it’s like, ‘Oh God, she’s crazy, she has a crystal ball.’ I’m like, I know. I thought that too at first. But he’s alive. People that come to me that have worked with crystals for 20 years are like, ‘Oh my God, I made the appointment and he started talking to me.’ And I go, yeah.”

The Citrine Lemurian Quartz is named Fallon.

“I don’t know how to explain things like Fallon. I don’t name anything, that’s the name he told me. But he is very powerful. We’ve been in multiple bodies over lifetimes, and he’s been in that same one. So I can actually, in a difficult place, send him ahead and do the clearing before I get there. And people are like, ‘Really? Does that really work?’ And I go, ‘Trust me.’ And it does. He’ll clear it ahead of time.”

Robyn put Fallon on my coffee table and placed stones and crystals around him. She lit a candle and put out Himalayan sea salt mixed with lavender.

“Salt will help clear out remnants of previous people and it will help clear out how you felt.”

She lit some incense and led me through a short breathing exercise. Apparently the house asked to join in.

“House said, ‘Can I join too?’ And I go, ‘Yes, of course!’ Take a deep breath. House, you can start with your ceiling…”

Robyn says she started talking to my home a couple of days before she came over.

“They don’t always talk to me at first because they’re like, ‘What?! They really want to talk to me?’ And then they either are quiet for a while or they start chattering so much that I just have to let the chatter go on until they’re ready to settle down and have a real conversation.”

I asked Robyn what my space said to her.

“It feels very left out of your life. It is very curious and interested in what you do. But it feels that most of your energy and attention is centered on your work space. So I went to talk to the work space because they were, like, dueling for your attention and your energy. Your work space, it’s showing me color and pictures, and everything in your workspace is something that you’re really interested in. So it feels like it’s king of the hill.”

This surprised me since I would so much rather be sitting on my couch than sitting at my desk. She also said it’s a particularly emotional space and it’s tired of people moving out.

“It did tell me that it’s very fond of the color blue.”

And Robyn recommends I buy the home a little gift. She said my work space will stop teasing my home space if I buy it a present as well.

Robyn lit a special piece of wood and we walked through the house, clearing out the energy. When we opened my front door, Robyn said all the other apartment units wanted her to give them some attention.

“The other houses are going, ‘What’s going on in there?!'”

And at the end of the clearing, Robyn went through my apartment to see if she missed anything. She held a small, metal Tibetan singing bowl and struck it so it chimed. When the sound wobbled, it meant she needs to do more clearing in that area.

Robyn has been disabled for 25 years, and lost her prior career to her illness 15 years ago. But when she discovered her talent as an alchemist, she says she found love again. She calls herself a natural skeptic, with a sense of humor, an MBA with a crystal ball.

As for my apartment, I don’t know if I felt anything different. But a friend of mine who’s into reading tarot cards said it felt clearer and lighter when she came over.

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