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Seattle guys weak daters? Ron & Don offer their tips

No one would accuse KIRO Radio’s Ron & Don of being shy, so when an article came out in The Seattle Times claiming single Seattle men were too timid in how they approach women, the guys decided it was time to give the rest of the Seattle dudes some pointers.

Ron says this story itself gives you a great in. “Number one, if you are a single guy, this should give you a license to be more bold and just use this story as your opener.”

Don, a single man about town himself, says if you’re too scared to approach a beautiful woman, practice on other people first.

“I would encourage guys out there, practice having conversations with everybody,” says Don. “Start on the bus and talk to your taxicab driver. Begin to have these conversations with other people and then you’ll be able to have that conversation with the women you want to go out with.”

Once you’ve got your conversation skills honed, Don recommends really thinking about where you’re going to meet the right people.

“All my guy friends are like, ‘Hey where are all the beautiful women in this town?'” says Don. “You know what dude. They’re not at the pub watching the Mariners game.”

Don says there are a ton of beautiful women in his spin class, and if you’re serious about meeting a great women, you should be thinking about places great, beautiful women actually go.

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