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Where’s the beef? Local guy pushes Stanwood male strip club

A Stanwood entrepreneur hopes to channel "Magic Mike" with the area's first male strip club. (AP image)

There are plenty of strip clubs for guys around the Puget Sound, but when it comes to the ladies, suffice it to say they come up short. But a Stanwood entrepreneur hopes to change that with plans to open the area’s first male strip club.

“I got all of these ladies that want to come to a club and I’ve been trying to put it together for the past two years and I haven’t had any luck,” says Mark Overton, the guy behind the proposed club Stallions.

Overton tells KIRO Radio he’s confident there’s plenty of demand from ladies looking for a little real life version of the hit movie “Magic Mike.”

“I’m just trying to open up another place where women can go and celebrate their birthdays and bachelorette parties.”

The club would be sandwiched in a building between an antique shop and a bar. It wouldn’t serve alcohol.

Overton says he’s already been working to fix the place up, even though he doesn’t expect the city to grant him a permit to run the strip club. He says he picked Stanwood because it’s cheap to open a business there. His club would only be open on weekends.

“My message is for other people that are trying to do whatever they want to do, don’t stop and don’t give up,” he says. “And I think everybody that’s been great has gone against the grain and done things that weren’t harming anyone and they’ve made a difference.”

Hard to say what kind of a difference Stallions would actually make. But Overton hopes to find out, one bachelorette party at a time.

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