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Phoenix Jones says he's taking superhero network worldwide
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Phoenix Jones says he’s taking superhero network worldwide

The leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement took to Facebook to announce the founding of new divisions in the UK, Arizona, and Dubai.

Villains of the world, beware.

Seattle’s homegrown superhero Phoenix Jones is expanding his crime-fighting network internationally.

The leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement took to Facebook to announce the founding of new divisions in the UK, Arizona, and Dubai.

Benjamin Fodor, better known as Phoenix Jones, tells KIRO Radio’s Ron and Don Show the expansion started when members of the 17-hero strong Rain City Superhero Movement began relocating to other cities. They want to continue to fight crime.

A hero by the name of Count Zero will be patrolling the streets in Arizona, while Red Falcon is coming out of retirement to head up the UK division of RCSM. “And I think I’m leaving in a few weeks to go over there and fight crime with him,” says Jones.

Two members of the new Dubai team have already confronted pick pocketing, purse snatching, and street fights.

“I wasn’t sure if it would work,” Jones explains. “But they’ve stopped a couple crimes over there and been pretty successful.”

Jones says one Dubai-based superhero, Puma, wears his crime fighting gear underneath traditional Arab garb, until he comes across a crime in progress.

“He’ll basically go in an alleyway and ditch his garb,” says Jones. “He’ll handle the fight, get someone to safety, put the garb back on and walk away.”

Not just any wannabe crime fighter can claim the mantle of the Rain City Movement. “I don’t put someone out in the market unless they’ve come here and patrolled with me. Or I have personally vetted them,” confirms Jones.

The heroes are also facing bad guys with new confidence, thanks to brand-new outfits, part of a possible body armor endorsement deal. Jones says a company recently approached him with prototype gear made of bullet-proof, stab-proof, flexible material lined with a substance that stays liquid until hit, when the material hardens.

“I was able to ship over a fully-functioning super suit to the UK for my man Red Falcon.”

The Guardian of Seattle even hinted at an exciting new iPhone app that will help the non-super become Phoenix Jones sidekicks.

“You can plug in and see where I’ve fought crime, and if you see a lot of crime in a certain area, create a Phoenix Flare,” explains Jones. He says the app is still in development.

“It doesn’t mean I’m going to come. You should still call 911 and talk to the police. But when I’m looking for places to patrol, if I see a lot of Phoenix Flares, I’ll hit up that neighborhood and try to stop crime there.”

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