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Charles Cross: Prince is playing for the money

Cross says it's a great show. A once in a lifetime event that people should experience. (AP Photo/File)

Last week we learned 1980’s music icon Prince would be playing four shows over two nights at Seattle’s Showbox at the Market.

The price? Just $250 per ticket.

It may seem steep but music biographer Charles Cross says there’s a reason for that – Prince is in it for the money – at least partially.

“Prince’s recording career has gone nowhere in the last 15 years,” Cross tells KIRO Radio’s Ron & Don. “He’s released so much material, he’s put out so many albums that are available through his website and a variety of other things.”

Despite all that’s available for retail however, it’s not often you hear a new Prince song on the radio.

Cross says it’s a great show. A once in a lifetime event people should experience.

There’s only one problem, the show is now being repeated far more than once-in-a-lifetime.

That doesn’t mean it won’t sell out. Says Cross, “People will pay it because he puts on a phenomenal show.”

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