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Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn laughs off apparent refusal to appear on The Ron & Don Show

In an appearance on Seattle's Morning News, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said Ron & Don should come out to his press events if they have questions for him. (KIRO Radio/file)

Update: Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn had a meeting canceled and made time for a special appearance on The Ron & Don Show Friday afternoon.

Listen to the full conversation with the mayor

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn got a good laugh out of Dave Ross’ joke that he had the mayor on simply to make The Ron & Don Show jealous.

“The real reason that I want to have you on in the morning is just to make Don O’Neill jealous,” said Ross when the mayor appeared Friday on Seattle’s Morning News. Dave’s joke was met with a good deal of laughter from the mayor.

Last week, The Ron & Don Show tried multiple times and failed to convince the mayor to engage with them in a debate on the mayor’s plan to hold a second gun buyback.

Ron & Don Show staff members were against the idea and wanted to express their concerns about the original gun buyback event to the mayor. But multiple requests to bring McGinn on the show were met with refusals from the mayor’s office.

The mayor told Seattle’s Morning News he was available for press questions at several public events and Ron & Don could have had their questions addressed there.

“I’m publicly available. I’ve done at least four or five press conferences so I’m easy to find,” said McGinn.

When news anchor Linda Thomas asked if there was room in the mayor’s schedule for an appearance on The Ron & Don Show Friday afternoon, (this request was also met with laughter) the mayor said he was “very busy.”

“I actually have a very busy schedule this afternoon. I don’t have them on my schedule, but again I’m out and about guys, folks can talk to me anytime.”

The mayor says of course Ron & Don are welcome at any of his open press events.

“Get out of the studio man, get to see the city,” said the mayor.

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