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Durkan is not only failed and corrupt but sexist and isolated

The Associated Press called the Seattle mayoral race for Jenny Durkan on Nov. 8, 2017. (AP)

How’s this for Some Seattle Spirit? Before she had even taken office, Jenny Durkan proved herself failed and corrupt by hiring Mike Fong, King County’s incompetent Operations Head. And also Shefali Ranganathan, Transportation Choices Coalition boss, and director of their illegal campaign acting on behalf of the Criminal Conspiracy called Sound Transit.

Fong and Ranganathan will be, respectively, senior deputy mayor and deputy mayor as I wrote about here.

Herman: Why Durkan is already a failed, corrupt mayor

In the same week she announced those hires, Mayor-elect Durkan revealed more about herself. She has determined that she was elected because the problems in Seattle are so big only a woman can solve them.

Identity politics slices both ways, though that may serve as a surprise to the Mayor-elect. According to Jenny Durkan’s logic, apparently Seattle voters felt only a white woman who was endorsed by an alleged pedophile could solve these problems. Since voters rejected a black woman, Nikkita Oliver; and another rich, white woman, Carry Moon, who was not endorsed by Ed Murray.

The leftists and practitioners of divisive, racial politics on the Seattle City Council have taken note and dramatically cut the Mayor-elect’s personnel budget. Fancy this: a city council that nearly gives itself heart attacks trying to find ways to spend money suddenly cuts a budget? Make no mistake, the council is isolating Durkan.

Just a handy recap: a failed, corrupt Mayor-elect who comes out as a sexist — and, by her logic, racist — is now isolated by the tool of the budget by a failed, corrupt, racially divisive, spend-thrift city council. Like I say on the air: “Don’t Bogart that Seattle Spirit.”


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