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VIDEO: RDTV: Sean investigates Subway

I’ve been a fan of Subway restaurants for as long as I can remember. I can build my very own sub sandwich? Yes, please! Choice of veggies? Check. Choice of bread? Check. Choice of cheese? Check. Oh, and let’s not forget those sauces. Those yummy, yummy sauces. Eating fresh never felt so good. Until now.

It’s been brought to the attention of not only the world, but more importantly, The Ron and Don Show, that Subway has been lying to us all about the length of their sandwiches. More specifically, the footlong sandwich. Last time I checked, a foot was equal to 12 inches. As it turns out, the folks over at Subway aren’t too good at math and have been serving 11 inch footlong sanwiches to the public without even batting an eye.

Watch the video for proof.

Thanks to Gawker for the heads up.

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