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Born This Way: Ron goes Gaga

Lady Gaga pulled out all the stops Monday at her Tacoma Dome spectacle. (Seattle Weekly photo)

When you’re in your 40’s and going to a Lady Gaga show, the last thing you want to be is the middle aged creepy guy at the Lady Gaga Show. That was the main goal, Ron says, when he braved the Tacoma Dome this week to indulge his wife’s desire to see the diva in action.

Ron tells Don he followed a few simple rules to make sure that didn’t happen: “You don’t want to wander off by yourself. You don’t want to dress up. I was trying to reduce the creepy factor at all times.”

Turns out he had nothing to worry about. Ron says the crowd was actually much tamer than he expected, looking a lot more Puyallup than Paparazzi.

“I thought there’d be more freaky dress up time,” he says. “There were a couple of girls that were like 6 foot 5 inches in their spiked heels. One was covered head to toe in red glitter that was kind of fun and her friend was dressed as a black spider that was fun.”

As for the show itself, Ron says he wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly surprised to actually enjoy the spectacle a lot more than he thought he would.

“There’s not a whole lot she leaves out in terms of genre bending. You’ve got gothic castles, aliens, other civilizations, biker leathers, you’ve got latex fetish gear, you’ve got black Jesus, you’ve got crosses, you’ve got sword play, I mean you name it it’s in there.”

Gaga’s celebration of gay culture and her devout followers of “Little Monsters” partied hard. And Ron says the only downside of the night was the group around him that took it a bit too far.

“Everybody knows you were born that way and if you want to cross dress or whatever more power to you. But when you projectile vomit, trash can or toilet, those are your two options. And that’s all I’m going to say. So I hope that guy made it home OK because that was a mess.”

Lasting memories for an old guy going Gaga.

“Black Jesus was a heck of a dancer. He was definitely born that way,” Ron says.

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