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Punishment doled out for bad behaving Bellevue cops

Time heals all wounds according to Jeff, one of the people subject to the bad behavior of a pair of Bellevue cops at a Seattle Seahawks game. (AP Photo/File)

Their behavior was indisputably bad — at least that’s what the Bellevue Police Department determined regarding the actions of two of their officers at a Seattle Seahawks game.

Bellevue cops disciplined for behavior at Seahawks game

Jeff, the cops and their behavior inside CenturyLink Field that day joined Ron & Don to react to the disciplinary action of the cops.

“Time heals wounds, and I would say it’s (their punishment is) appropriate.”

Jeff didn’t think they were going to be going down the same road again.

If a Ron & Don listener is right – one of the cops has already started down a different path. Kim, who told Ron & Don she knew one of the officers personally, said he got help shortly after the incident at CenturyLink.

Both of the officers wrote apology letters that were released by the Bellevue Police Department on Tuesday.

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