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UW student stars in sweet new Mars Rover video

UW student Cara Ku'ulei Peacock has become a viral sensation thanks to a cool new video about the Mars Rover. (Cara Ku'ulei Peacock image)

When Cara Ku’ulei Peacock was asked to sing on a little video about the Mars Rover, the Orcas Island native and UW Bothell student could never have imagined her own star shining so brightly, as the video has turned her into a viral sensation.

The video, a parody of the popular “Dumb Ways to Die” called “Cool Things to Find” is as catchy as it is cute. It’s about the Mars Rover finding cool things on its journey around the planet.

Cara got the lead vocalist gig when David Hudson, a co-writer of the song, met the 23-year-old at a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend and suggested her for the project.

The YouTube video was posted on Wednesday, and has already received more than 600,000 views. It also got Tweeted by NASA, featured on MSN and CNET Australia, and been reposted in numerous blogs.

It’s the last thing she expected. “This has never been a reality to me, God has a plan for me. With my music I want to speak to people and bring people together with it. It’s just so powerful,” she gushed.

Cara comes from a musical background, and said her inspiration stems from her family including her father, Christopher Peacock, an accomplished pianist, and her older sister, Jenole Peacock, also a vocalist.

“My family is very supportive. They’ll follow me anywhere, and make sure I know what is happening in each step. They’ll never say ‘no’ to some crazy idea I might have. They always believe in me, tell me I will make it happen, and support me 100%,” said the unsigned artist who just might ride this rocket to a singing deal.

Others involved in the making of the video sensation were Sarah Hiraki (Character Designs), David Hudson & Steven Hudson (Animation), David Zimmermann (Music Mixing), and Forest Gibson (Executive Producer).

It was created and produced by Cinesaurus, a local Seattle-based creative team. The lyrics were written by Forest Gibson, Steven Hudson, David Hudson, and Rob Whitehead.

Guest Post by Sarah McEnroe, Promotions Assistant at Bonneville Seattle, & Peacock Family friend, with editing assistance by Jenny Harvey, Marketing Services Coordinator.

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