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Ron and Don: Hope Solo can’t ‘fix’ Jerramy Stevens

Soccer star Hope Solo leaves a conference room with her lawyer Peter Offenbecher, left, before a bail hearing for former Seattle Seahawks player Jerramy Stevens in Kirkland, Wash., on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012. (AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo

News broke Tuesday that former Seahawk and Husky football star Jerramy Stevens was arrested Monday night in Kirkland for misdemeanor domestic violence against his fiance, U.S. soccer goalkeeper and Richland, WA native Hope Solo.

Why would an Olympic Gold medalist and worldwide superstar like Solo choose to date and marry an unemployed football player with a long (alleged) rap sheet of assault, rape, and substance abuse?

Ron and Don theorized Solo’s connection with Stevens stemmed from a troubled relationship with her father. Jeffrey Solo spent time in prison, and was homeless and absent for much of his daughter’s childhood.

Solo wrote about her rocky relationship with her dad in her book, “Solo: A Memoir of Hope.”

“One spring, when I was a Brownie, the Girl Scout Cookie money went missing. Sometimes my father went missing. One morning, my mother went out to get her car and it was gone: repossessed for lack of payment.”

When Solo was 7, her father was arrested for kidnapping her and her younger brother. The two reconnected over ten years later.

Don said, “I think she thinks she is going to be able to fix Jerramy Stevens. I bet when he’s sober he’s an amazing guy. But I bet when he’s not sober, things get really bad. It looks like [Hope] will be marrying an abuser.”

Ron added, “When he was arrested in Scottsdale on DUI [in 2007], his blood-alcohol level was .204. This guy has some serious issues with alcohol.”

“Whose money is he spending, by the way?” Don asked. “I bet Hope Solo is his checkbook.”

“From the outside looking in, it makes no sense. I feel bad for her, because this will not end well,” Ron predicted.

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