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At what age should naked time end?

Zumba instructor Alexis Wright, accused of running a prostitution ring, is also accused of taking naked pictures with her 7-year-old son. (AP image)

When is it too old to be naked in front of your kid? It’s the question Ron and Don are posing after word surfaced a Maine Zumba instructor accused of running a prostitution ring also took naked pictures with her 7-year-old in bed with her.

“That’s too old, too old,” says Don of the age parents should start covering up in front of their kids. “We all had bathrobes from Miller’s Outpost.”

“She’s obviously very comfortable being naked. If she’s in a household where you’re naked alot, is this grounds to take the kid away?” wonders Ron.

The boy’s father says absolutely. The Portland Press Herald reports the boy’s father, Benjamin Hopkins, is seeking full custody of their son after learning not only of Alexis Wright’s arrest, but the photos as well.

“My son appeared naked covered from the waist down with only a sheet. Alexis was fully naked,” Hopkins reportedly said in a formal complaint.

Wright, 29, pleaded not guilty in October to 106 counts of prostitution and invasion of privacy for sexual acts. She is accused of having more than 100 alleged clients, including a former mayor and a local high school ice hockey coach in the seaside town of Kennebunk.

Police say no charges were filed in relation to the complaints about what the father calls the “inappropriate pictures” reportedly taken by Wright’s business partner in the alleged prostitution ring.

While many families are open about nudity around the house, news anchor Tony Miner says even discounting the whole prostitution thing, this is something else entirely.

“Now that’s gone beyond. That’s going over the line.”

What do you think? What’s the cutoff age?

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