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Big T’s Catch Of The Day: Halloween Gangnam Style?

Ok, so Halloween is here again tonight. And as always, it’s a huge event for candy sales. Halloween candy sales are expected to be higher this year than any time in the past decade, and the industry is already seeing 1 to 3 percent annual growth.

The National Confectioners Association says yes, candy is a luxury, but it’s an affordable luxury. In other words, we spend a few bucks and get a nice sugar buzz to make us feel good for awhile.

How much candy will Americans buy for Halloween?

The group says consumers will spend 2.4 billion dollars for today alone, and 32 billion dollars for the entire year. Even though we rarely get any trick or treaters where we live in LaConner, we will do our part as good American consumers and buy the bags of candy we love, like Twix and Reese’s. Then when no kids show up we’ll wind up scarfing down all the candy and regretting it. Maybe it’s because we live way down at the end of a dead-end street with no street lights, or there aren’t a lot of trick or treat age children in the neighborhood.

But maybe we should entice some visitors with a display like the following. Think it’ll work?

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