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Injured vet makes special plans to climb Everest



An injured veteran from the war in Afghanistan asked rehabilitation engineers for a special arm that will help him climb Mount Everest. (AP Photo/File)

Climbing a mountain is hard enough for those in perfect health.

So it’s no surprise that a man with only one arm, who not only dreams of ascending one of the world’s highest peaks, but has taken realistic steps towards conquering the mountain – is turning a few heads.

Host Ron Upshaw says he’s rooting for the guy – and who wouldn’t? With the goal of climbing Everest, the South African soldier, Jordan Romero, who lost his arm in Afghanistan, asked engineers at a military rehabilitation center to build him a prosthetic ice axe to take the place of his lost arm.

Romero already took part in a North Pole trek in 2011, which is how the idea of the ice axe arm came to him.

The Everest climb, which he’s planning to do with four other injured veterans, is scheduled for May.

Experienced climber Don says it’s “unbelievable.”

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