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Pet Sounds: What is your cat or dog thinking?

By Rachel Belle



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Feature: What’s your pet thinking? A visit with an
animal communicator

If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ve most likely wanted to
know what it was thinking about or why it acts the way it
does. I was lucky enough to get some of these questions
answered when animal communicator Joan Ranquet came to my
apartment yesterday to read my new cat Baby, who I’ve had
for just three weeks. Joan got quiet, closed her eyes, and
connected with Baby, who was hiding in the closet.

“The first thing she wanted me to tell you, over and
over, is ‘I’m a really good girl, I’m a really good girl.’
Has she been a good girl so far? It’s almost like someone
didn’t think she was good. There was something there that
she really needed you to know that’s she’s a really good
girl…and a very cute girl.”

I think a lot of people are skeptical about the idea of
an animal communicator, and I was too, but I surprised
myself by getting emotional during the reading.

Joan: She said that you guys really
connected right off the bat. It feels like they were very
kind to her, where she was, but she almost got pretty
depressed there and there was something about the way that
you looked at her. She also feels like it was really good
timing for you, that you needed her also.

Rachel: This is really weird! I almost
feel like I’m going to cry. I’m so happy that she’s here.
I’ve only had her for 3 weeks and I totally love her, like
I really love her.

Joan: She loves you too. It’s going to
make me start crying too. Yeah, it’s really really big.

Joan has been communicating with animals for the past
18 years, but she’s not a psychic.

“I do telepathy which is the transference of pictures,
words and feelings. I would say that I don’t have a gift,
I think everybody can do this, but I’ve been really good
at honing the skill.”

All she really needs is a photo and the answers to a
few simple questions.

“I like to find out how old the animal is, who else is
in the household and how long they’ve had the animal.”

She can even do readings over the phone with all kinds
of animals.

“I’ve talked to the elephants at the zoo, I take people
on dolphin trips and we talk to the dolphins, a lot of
horses. Up at Sarvey Wildlife Center, I go up and talk to
the eagles.”

Joan says she’s often contacted by frustrated pet
owners who want to know why their cat is peeing on the rug
or why their dog is biting the kids. She can help them
understand why the animal is behaving that way, and tell
them how to change it. But the owner has to do some work.

Joan: The owner has to also
participate in rethinking their thoughts. It’s good to be
careful of your thoughts.

Rachel: So even thinking ‘You’re a bad
cat.’ They can read that?

Joan: Oh yeah, that’s an easy one.
Then they’re gonna be like ‘Oh boy, here we go again.’ or
‘Oh yeah? I’ll show you bad!’

The only problem I’ve been having with Baby is that she
wakes me up really early in the morning. She walks all
over me, she purrs loudly and she wants me to pet her.
Joan told me to play with her a lot before bedtime and
then tell her, out loud, that we’re not waking up until 8

“Just keep telling her that, you know, this is really
fun to sleep. I’d really go to sleep with that intention.
Make it all about her before you go to bed so that she’s

For the past 3 weeks, Baby has woken me up early every
single morning. But last night, I did exactly what Joan
said to do and I swear to you: for the first
time, the cat did not wake me up! She wasn’t even on the
bed when I woke up, like she always is. Joan told me I
could expect some small changes.

“She may be different. She may be more relaxed because
now all this is out, how much you love her and how
connected you are.”

Joan told me that Baby also thinks that she’s very
cute, that she thinks I’m funny and that she likes the
‘cat voice’ I use when I talk to her.



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