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Four missing on Rainier: Do they have a chance of survival?

A storm has prevented any search Tuesday for two climbers and two campers still missing on Mount Rainier.

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Paul Baugher is the head of the Crystal Mt ski patrol and partner in International Mountain Guides. He joined Ron and Don today to talk about the incredible search and rescue work his teams have been doing this season.

There have been successes–like the snowshoer rescued after two days in blizzard conditions last week–but the search continues for the four lost on Rainier:

Listen to Paul Baugher, Crystal Mt Ski Patrol, on the search for four missing people on Mt Rainier

In his 30 years in the business, Paul Baugher says one thing hasn’t changed: “People continually underestimate the winter weather….Especially its ability to disorient you, even finding your car in the parking lot when you’re a few hundred feet away. When we get out in the mountains we see how quickly mother nature can get the upper hand.”

Rainier National Park spokeswoman Patti Wold says after today, they will begin scaling down their search operation.

Mark Vucich, of San Diego, and Michelle Trojanowski, of Atlanta, were due to return from a snow-camping trip on Jan. 15. Climbers Sork “Erik” Yang, of Springfield, Ore., and Seol Hee Jin, of Korea, were due back from a summit attempt on Jan. 16.

The Associate Press contributed to this report.

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