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Parallel between missing child case, Law & Order episode

laworderAs the search continues for missing 2-year-old Sky Metalwala, Bellevue Police say they’re investigating whether his mom based her story on an episode of the hit TV show “Law and Order SVU” that aired Saturday night.

“I heard that it aired Saturday, the day before the disappearance of Sky,” said Major Mike Johnson with the Bellevue PD.

Johnson says a number of people called the police department to report a number of similarities between the episode and the questionable details of Sky’s disappearance his mother told police.

“I know that there are several folks up in the operations center of the command post that have taken a look at that episode and have commented that it is strikingly similar in nature,” Johnson said.

You can judge for yourself. Here’s part of a summary of the episode “Missing Pieces”:

A young couple comes to the city to see the Halloween parade, and while the mother is in a bodega buying diapers she leaves her baby in the car. When she comes out, her car has been stolen and the baby is gone. Amaro had been taking his daughter trick-or-treating and Olivia had been spending time with her former foster son Calvin, but they’re both called in to work the case. At the scene, the dad flips out when he hears that the mom left the baby alone, so the detectives separate the two of them and assume the dad did it.

-Josh Kerns/97.3 KIRO FM

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