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My awkward video with SDOT’s director

I partnered with my mortal enemies over at the Seattle Department of Transportation. And yes, it was incredibly awkward.

A few weeks ago, SDOT reached out and asked me to participate in a video promotion for a new contest to encourage us all to be safer drivers.

I decided to put aside my criticisms of SDOT and Director Scott Kubly and get behind this message. It’s a good one. Safer drivers mean safer streets and that means less traffic snarls from accidents. I assume it wasn’t an easy decision for them to reach out to one of their loudest critics since I said this, this, this, and this. Kudos to them for partnering with me. I can’t wait to see which urbanist troll complains first — I have a bet going.

I arrived at SDOT offices this week to film the video with a script that I ended up rewriting a bit; they know my snark and wrote some good lines, but I wanted to get a bit more edgy. Most of my awkward jokes remained in the script, though they cut one of my favorite lines (want to know what it is? Listen to my After-Show podcast at or on iTunes).

Learn more about the contest here. 

Awkward is the key word with all of this. The video, as you can see, is awkward (in a cringe-worthy, but fun way). My producer wasn’t able to finish watching the video, but I hope you will get to the end so you can learn how to enter the contest and watch as I show how much of a better driver I am than Scott.

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