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The Know-It-All Week-In-Review Quiz

Can you answer all the questions in this week's know-it-all quiz. (Image courtesy Reddit)

1.) A&E has suspended "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson after he made disparaging remarks about gays in a GQ interview. Robertson is famous for his colorful quotes. Which of the following is NOT something Robertson said?

a. Dump it and hump it dude.
b. If it looks like a piece of poop, it's probably a piece of poop. Or maybe it's mud.
c. Good sir, never end a sentence with a preposition.

2.) A Harvard student (who went to high school in Mukilteo) went to great lengths this week to avoid a final exam. What did he do?

a. pretended he was a robot
b. called in a bomb hoax
c. stole all the number 2 pencils from every bookstore in Cambridge

3.) Earlier this week, a TIME magazine reporter was surprise by a call he got from a robot trying to sell him health insurance. What made this robot unique?

a. It denied it was a robot.
b. The robot was selling insurance against robot attacks
c. The robot was an imitation of Phil Robertson

4.) A children's advocacy group is criticizing NORAD, the U.S./Canadian military operation that gives kids second-by-second updates on Santa's global whereabouts on Christmas Eve. What are they upset about?

a. The group says we shouldn't trust Canadians.
b. They're upset that NORAD is basing their predictions on the false premise that Santa Claus exists
c. They're angry a video NORAD put together features fighter jets, which they say injects militarism into the holiday

5.) A Reddit user was surprised to discover this week that Bill Gates was her Secret Santa. What did Bill Gates give the random Reddit user?

a. A helicopter
b. The world's remaining stock of un-purchased Zunes
c. A donation to Heifer International in her name

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