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State ranks No. 2 in ‘least expensive’ energy survey

Washington ranked No. 2 in a recent study of energy expenses conducted by WalletHub, a personal finance social media network.

With summer having the highest energy consumption of the year and Americans relocating to start a new job, WalletHub compared the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia based on the most and least energy-efficient.

The company used six metrics to explore a number of different factors: Electricity (price and consumption), Natural Gas (price and consumption), Automobile Fuel (price and consumption).

According to WalletHub, energy costs take about 7.1 percent of the average consumer’s total income.

Least Expensive States Most Expensive States
1 Colorado 42 Texas
2 Washington 43 Alaska
3 Montana 44 Wyoming
4 Rhode Island 45 West Virginia
5 Nebraska 46 Alabama
6 District of Columbia 47 Oklahoma
7 Pennsylvania 48 Georgia
8 Arkansas 49 Connecticut
9 Delaware 50 Mississippi
10 Iowa 51 Hawaii

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