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Medved: Don’t high five over Flynn news too soon

Michael Flynn. (AP)
LISTEN: Medved: Don't high five over Flynn news too soon

Michael Flynn’s guilty plea Friday caused a stir among both Trump supporters and the president’s opposition. But Conservative Commentator Michael Medved warns that people should not get too excited just yet over the news.

“I don’t think that people should be high fiving and saying, ‘This is the end of Trump; You’ll never see him again; He’s doomed; The presidency is over,”  Medved said. “It’s obviously terrible news for the White House. This is ruining Trump’s Christmas, no doubt.”

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We know Flynn lied, Medved explained to KIRO Radio’s Ron and Don Show, but what exactly did he lie about is the bigger issue in the ongoing investigation. If it’s just lying about meeting with Russian personnel, that’s not too damning. But if it turns out that word did come from Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, or another high ranking official within the Trump camp, to communicate with Russia (to hack emails or computers, for example) then Trump could face impeachment. Medved thinks that would cause the president to resign. But we’re not there yet.

Kushner connection

While the news about Flynn is not high five worthy, as Medved states, it’s still a notable moment in the investigation into the Trump campaign and alleged connections to a foreign government. Medved notes that there were only three other people higher up than Flynn in the Trump campaign — Vice President Mike Pence (who Medved doesn’t believe was too involved), Kushner, and Trump.

“So one of those three people, or two of those three people — and I think it will probably be two — is possibly going to be implicated in this,” Medved said.

Therefore, Kushner will be a problem for Trump.

“If the president was clever, and I’m not sure he is, he would terminate Jared now – thank him for his service, say, ‘Look you will continue to be around me because you are my son in law,’ but end his status as a White House aid,” Medved said. “I think Jared is next to go. He will either be indicted or cop a plea. He is in trouble. It is going to be much better for the president if the person who is in trouble … is not still holding a position as one of the most senior White House aides.”

Democrats’ goal

On the other hand, the Democrats are hoping that evidence will show Trump has obstructed justice. But Medved and other experts note that there is little weight to that argument. Trump has fired some involved with the investigation and has asked other Republicans in Congress to lay off their own investigations. But as president, he has the authority to fire the people he did.

“The firing of (FBI Director James Comey) was a gigantic mistake and led to this special counsel, and led to all of his problems,” Medved said. “I wish he hadn’t of done it because it will wreck the first year of his presidency. The idea he will be impeached over that, I don’t think it’s going to happen.”


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