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Rantz: Shameful, bizarre celebration of fake Trump news

Joy Behar is the worst. To make that point, we need simply watch 37 seconds of an unhinged, maniacal celebration of some fake news. It happened on Friday after Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

Behar on “The View,” relying on actual “fake news” by ABC News’ recently suspended Brian Ross, couldn’t even get through reading the report before throwing her notes into the air, smile engulfing her face, to cheer and laugh. The lemmings in the audience cheered and laughed along with her. It was an embarrassing display that, as of this writing, Behar hasn’t addressed.

We know the report was false and the reporter suspended for a month, unpaid, for fake news that not just supposedly hurt the stock market, but also proves President Trump’s point on how he’s unfairly maligned by the media. Reporters want to believe these stories so badly that they’re willing to rush them on-air without vetting them properly.

But let’s just talk about Behar’s reaction.

Assume, for a moment, the report was true. Why would your reaction be glee? Why would you cheer and laugh about the president breaking the law and acting like a traitor? Shouldn’t your first reaction be anger or sadness? How are you not ashamed of this kind of childish reaction?

These reactions betray so-called concerns of foreign meddling and working with foreign governments. Those concerns are as fake as the Brian Ross report.

Behar, and others like her, don’t actually care about Russian meddling; if it were Hillary Clinton, they’d do their level best to downplay the action or even defend it. This is Behar acting like a sore loser. Behar deeply hates Trump; he stands for things she does not and she’s incapable of acting like an adult in a world where elections don’t go her way. They only hate Russia because, in Behar’s twisted world, it’s inconceivable that people voted for Trump without cheating.

You think Trump and his tweets are immature? Take a look at Behar on The View on Friday. Wow.

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