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Will the Russia investigation ensnare the president?

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
LISTEN: Can't touch him rap

All of America is wondering if the Russia investigation ensnare the president himself? According to Major Garrett, the official answer from the White House is: impossible.

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“One of the president’s lawyers … argued the president cannot obstruct himself as the person with power and discretion over the Justice Department.”

There it is. The president, being the one ultimately in charge of the investigation, cannot obstruct it — anymore than a King could commit treason against himself.

Which is why investigating Mr. Trump would be a waste of time. Because the law cant touch him.

Can’t touch him.

(Que the music here and sing along)

Some folks want a big – discussion
About some emails to some Russian
But he stands above the law
He sits in the White House after all

The man in the White House comes from Queens
He knows what collusion means
He knows what it means and it don’t mean him.
– That’s why his fired Jim:

He had to send him into retirement
It was a hostile work environment

Can’t touch him

His tweets are the main artillery
And he fires them straight at Hillary.

You best not take a knee
(When the) singer sings “say can you see”

To Rocket Man he shows no fear
That dude’s in the rear view mir-ror

And Roy Moore, he’ll be fine
He’ll be in charge of Title Nine.

– It’ll go to the highest court,
There’ll be a fifteen hundred page report
But the highest court will have no choice
And the judges in their loudest voice will say

Can’t Touch Him

– The old debate is said and done –
Richard Nixon … finally won!

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