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‘Rambo Nanny’ thwarts Everett package thief

(AP Photo/David Goldman)
LISTEN: 'Rambo Nanny' thwarts Everett package-thief

As online shopping increases, unfortunately so does package theft. That is, unless one local nanny has something to say about it.

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Kate Anderson earned the nickname “Rambo Nanny” when she stopped a thief from stealing a package off the doorstep of the Everett home she works at.

“I kind of just instinctively took off after her,” Anderson told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson.

“I had just put the baby down for a nap. I saw a package be delivered,” she said. Minutes later, she spotted a woman by the front door, bending over to steal the package. “When I opened the door I started screaming.”

As our heroic nanny chased down the woman, the getaway driver involved pulled away, abandoning the woman on the ground outside. Anderson said she thought the driver may have been spooked by all her shouting.

“No honor among thieves,” she said.

While they waited for the police to arrive, Anderson restrained the woman on her own. “I’m not letting you go anywhere,” she told her.

Police arrived and took the woman into custody. “Within 5 minutes they had her in handcuffs because I guess she had multiple warrants,” Anderson said.

The package pilferer didn’t exactly fit the stereotypical burglar profile. “She actually had high heels on and she literally had a little dog stuffed in her sweatshirt while she was stealing the package.”

She may have also been on drugs, Anderson said. “Obviously she needs help, but they’ve got to crack down on it.”

Despite all the heroics, Anderson said she was pretty shaken up after the incident.

“Probably for about the next two days it was running through my head, what just happened and did I handle it correctly. I really didn’t know,” she said. “People have shown a lot of support which has been pretty cool, I will say.”

If the same thing happened again, Anderson said she wouldn’t act any differently.

“I’d probably go right back after the person,” she said. “It’s just naturally who I am.”

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