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Five ways to listen to KTTH anytime, anywhere

Good news: there are now more ways than ever before to listen to your favorite content from KTTH. From Rush Limbaugh and Jason Rantz to Todd Herman and Michael Medved, you can now take our entire lineup with you wherever you go — from work to home to vacation and everywhere in between.

1. For most of you, the best way to listen is to 770 AM. Our signal reaches far and wide and most listeners won’t experience any issues listening to us this traditional route.

2. But some of you live in the greater Eastside, like in Downtown Bellevue or in Kirkland and Mercer Island. Good news: you get crystal clear KTTH on the FM dial at 94.5 FM. If you live or work in the greater Eastside, give us a try on the FM dial.

3. Most new cars are equipped with HD radios, which delivers to you brilliant digital sound. If you have an HD radio, there’s a quick way to listen to KTTH with few static interruptions throughout most of the region. Tune into 97.3 FM. Wait a few seconds (be patient) for the HD channels to load, then scroll over to HD Channel 3. To make the process quicker in the future, be sure to set this channel on your presets.

4. Like listening at the office, but don’t have a radio? Head on over to to stream our entire lineup. You won’t miss anything, as the feed is exactly what you hear over the radio. Have an Amazon Echo? Simply say “Alexa, play K-T-T-H” and the stream begins automatically.

5. What about listening on your phone while you’re out walking the dog or out running errands? There’s an app for that. You can take the station with you wherever you go by downloading the KTTH app in your phone’s app store. You can download the app on iPhone or Android.

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