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Seattle’s parking dilemma summed up in passive aggressive note

A note left on a car in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood. (Courtesy of Reddit user RollingHunger)

I regret to inform you that someone left another passive aggressive note on a car parked in Seattle this week.

“The note was on a car in Ravenna (not mine),” said Reddit user RollingHunger, who posted the photo of the note.

“… Hardly anyone in our neighborhood has off-street parking,” RollingHunger said. “I take light rail, bus, or bike everyday and my house does not have a suitable driveway for a modern car.”

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The note left on the car reads:

Please move this car as soon as you read this note. We regret to inform you this, but we feel that after a week parked here without moving is too long.

Many driveways in Ravenna appear to be more appropriate for a Model-T than the modern SUV. The streets in the neighborhood are often lined with parked cars, especially around the blocks neighboring Roosevelt High School; students take up those spots pretty quickly in the morning.

Seattle’s parking regulations state that unless otherwise indicated, a car must be moved from its parking spot every 72 hours. But what about those situations where you are on vacation and aren’t around to move your car? The City of Seattle has an answer for that: “find off street parking or leave your keys with a trusted neighbor to check your vehicle and move it as needed.” After 72 hours, the City can cite the owner or tow the car.

Or, your neighbors could all pay one person to move cars every day. It worked on “Seinfeld” … sort of.

In this case, the author of the note in Ravenna claimed the car was parked for seven days.

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Reddit user RollingHunger felt that the note was a bit much. But more than that, Seattle’s parking regulations don’t make sense for drivers.

“I find the law requiring owners to move their cars every three days silly and out of touch with the way our society uses cars, and the amount people who are bothered by other people’s cars parked in front of their homes even more bothersome,” they said. “I get that we need to have a way to identify and report abandoned vehicles, but 3 days is hardly abandonment … It’s silly to expect people to move their cars every 3 days.”

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