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Roy Moore
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So this is what we’ve become?

Roy Moore. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

Well, congratulations to Alabama. You narrowly elected Democrat Doug Jones last night to the United States Senate.

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I lean a bit to the left on most things, so my social media exploded with self-congratulations. I have to admit I took it as a positive sign.

So this is what we’ve become? The entire country now breathes a sigh of relief that an alleged serial pedophile narrowly lost an election to the US Senate? Come on. What are we talking about here?

To state this another way, more than 650,000 residents of Alabama put on their best Roll Tide sweatshirt, fired up the truck, and drove down to their local voting station to cast their vote for Roy Moore. That’s about as many people that live in the City of Seattle.

Wrap your head around that for a minute. Our country is now so fractured politically, that when a woman brings out her high school yearbook signed by a man in his 30’s, darn near half of the voters in Alabama scream “Fake News!” Evidently, it’s more important that the other guys lose than if my guy is cruising the mall for teenage girls.

Have our standards dropped this low? I have a cousin who once introduced her boyfriend by proudly proclaiming that he’d never been to jail and that he had a good job. I remember thinking, “good luck with this relationship.”

Hey, America, can we please raise our collective standards? This isn’t a Red State versus Blue State thing anymore. We seem to have lost our collective minds. Can we stop it with the voting for child molesters already?

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