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On Sandy Hook: Bob Ferguson’s pointless agitating

AG Bob Ferguson recently filed a campaign finance suit alleging that Facebook and Google failed to keep legal records. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Under mounting legal problems of his own, Bob Ferguson went to grandstand at a vigil for Sandy Hook shooting victims

Further cementing his legacy as “Sideshow Bob,” on Thursday of this week, Bob Ferguson gave a campaign speech for his gubernatorial run. He delivered it at a vigil for the children and educators murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School five years ago.

Those murders were carried out by an evil young man who was known to be violently, mentally ill, but was allowed to live at home. Bob Ferguson has nothing to say about the increasing rates of murder by handgun in King County. Those murders are clearly due to the gold-rush wars gangs are having in preparation for the defacto legalization of heroin.

Instead, Ferguson made a familiar proposal that would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy of Sandy Hook. Nor would Sidehow Bob’s proposal, if passed into law, prevent another Sandy Hook. Yet, for the progressives who have already mentally cast votes for him, the proposal is an elixir against all violence.

Ban the sale of so-called assault weapons and limit magazine capacities in other weapons

Bob Ferguson’s proposal for a ban on sales of these firearms, if passed into law, would take rifles away from exactly … zero people. One does not need a link or a footnote to understand that.

Sideshow Bob’s proposal to limit magazine capacity, if passed into law, would prevent exactly … zero deaths in so called gun-free zones like schools. Doubt that? Watch the video, below.

There is an actual, physical demonstration, one with an experienced shooter, another with a less experienced, that destroys the myth of magazine size as a tactic to prevent murders. Below, is Sideshow Bob’s fact-free campaign speech at a vigil for murder victims.

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