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Agent hires homeless man to market business

In an unusual advertising move, a Denver real estate broker hired a homeless man to help advertise his business, Fox31 Denver reported.

Chris Rezac had been standing along a road in the city, holding a sign that read: “I’m cold. I’m homeless. I’m hungry. Spare anything.”

Real estate broker Joe Manzaneres hired the man to hold a sign up that says: “No need for your cash! I’m sponsored by Joe Manzanares.”

The sign also includes the contact information for Manzanares’ brokerage. Manzanares gives a paycheck to the man every day for holding the sign.

“I’ve been sponsored by RE/MAX,” said Rezac, who adds that he’s no longer heckled by drivers. “This is a guaranteed paycheck every day.”

Mazanares told FOX that hiring Rezac was more than just paying for marketing but “kind of like a sponsorship. I want to try and help him find a job.”

Mazanares said he has also helped Rezac buy new clothes, meals, haircuts, and is close to finding him a home. Mazanares is reportedly working with the Denver Homeless Coalition to see if there is a way to expand the sponsorship idea.

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