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Foreclosed homeowners poised for return to the market

According to a poll of 140,000 members, boomerang buyers – those ousted from the housing market due to foreclosures or short sales, spent years renting to rebuild their credit, and have saved enough to buy again – are now expected return to the residential market.

These buyers could flock to the market at an opportune time: investors are pulling back and new government programs aimed at helping consumers with bankruptcies or loan defaults are becoming common.

Jon Maddux, co-founder, said almost 80 percent of poll respondents who lost homes during the crisis showed interest in buying again.

Moreover, 41 percent of respondents interested in re-entering homeownership have higher incomes than during their first purchase; 63 percent have lower debt obligations; 46 percent plan to purchase in a lower price range; and 50 percent expect to make at least a 10 percent down payment.

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