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worst films of 2017
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Rantz: The Worst Films of 2017


This past year presented some of the best films in recent memory, including “Call Me By Your Name” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” which were highlighted in my 10 Best list. But none were good enough to forget some of the garbage I had the displeasure of seeing.

Here are the worst films of 2017, in no particular order.

The Snowman

This was supposed to be the start of a promising franchise, starring the great Michael Fassbender. It ended up to be a total clunker. I’m quite embarrassed for everyone involved, including the otherwise talented director Tomas Alfredson. Much of the film made little sense. There are plot holes you can drive a truck through. They maybe kill off a major character but don’t really explain. And they don’t explain why certain people are the targets of the serial killer, or how the family of Fassbender’s character gets involved. It’s like the film was missing huge chunks of the story.

Oh, and for some reason, every line of dialogue from Val Kilmer appears (poorly) dubbed.

There’s nothing redeeming about this dumpster fire of a film.

The Mummy

No one asked for a remake of the Mummy series, but Tom Cruise decided to do it anyway. It’s bad. Really bad. The film tries to do an awful lot and succeeds at nothing. It was a confusing and nonsensical mess that can’t deliver the charm of the original series. Cruise is passable but seems fully committed to a film the director and screenwriter don’t quite care about.

The script, in particular, is so convoluted that I couldn’t quite figure out what was happening or why.

The Circle

It had the makings of a hit — great cast, social commentary that is prescient — but the film suffers from taking itself way too seriously. Its message is so over the top it loses its meaning. The character development is rushed to the point of absurdity, and Tom Hanks phones in his performance. Even Emma Watson looks bored with the material.

This is sloppy filmmaking at its finest.

The Mountain Between Us

Another promising film let down by a weak story.

The two leads, Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, manage to stay pretty and clean despite being stuck in the icy wilderness. It’s a survival story that lacks any drama or much danger, and a love story that lacks any passion. The most interesting part of the film happens in the last 10 minutes as the two deal with the post-survival aftermath. That’s where the story should have started.

This was a waste of two great actors.

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