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Rising home prices delay purchase for returning vets

The Puget Sound is home to several military bases but returning vets say rising home prices are making them wait longer to purchase.

Harris Interactive conducted a recent study for Century 21 Real Estate of more than 400 responses of military members or spouses and found only 33 percent of military families said they look for a home within a year of returning from active duty. The biggest obstacles reported were the price of homes, the inability to come up with a down payment, and lack of personal savings.

Eighty-eight percent of veterans said that owning a home makes them feel safer. Vets also say they have a strong desire for home ownership because they want to own their own residence (73 percent), establish a household (43 percent), and have financial security (36 percent).

Storage space, amount of square footage, outdoor space, and an updated kitchen were cited as the most important amenities.

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