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War on Christmas
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The ‘War on Christmas’ appears to be over

(AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

Here it is, the day after Christmas 2017, and I did not see a single significant “War on Christmas” story this year in the United States.

Rummel: There’s no war on Christmas in Seattle

The only one that even came close was the headline that popped up late on Monday: “Topless Femen activist (Femen is a mostly French group of women who stage topless protests) tries to snatch Jesus statue from Vatican crib.”

The video shows a woman running onto the platform and yanking the unsecured baby Jesus from the manger.

“She grabs the statue of baby Jesus just as a security officer tackles her to the ground.”

The Magi, sad to say, just stood there as if frozen. But the infant was undamaged.

So, Christmas is saved yet again. To give credit where it’s due, President Trump has been publicly wishing people “Merry Christmas” since before Hanukkah, which of course prompted CNN to remind us that President Obama was also big on Christmas.

President Obama did sneak in a “Happy Holidays” — but the bottom line is that the “War on Christmas” is over. In fact, the last Quinnipiac poll found 76 percent of American voters think the whole issue was made up.

That is too bad because I was so convinced it was real that I commissioned a “War on Christmas” jingle. I was hoping to use that for some time. Oh well.

A tale of Christmas to come

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