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The Dupont Amtrak Crash and Bob Ferguson: an instructive moment

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (AP)

This week, Bob Ferguson — we call him “Sideshow Bob” — further revealed himself as a hypocrite, opportunist, and political hack.

Reporting on the Dupont Amtrak crash, the Wallstreet Journal learned three unaccountable agencies — WSDOT, Sound Transit, and Amtrak — broke a federal rule. That rule required the now deadly curve in the rail line to be removed. WSDOT and Sound Transit decided it was too expensive to change the 30 MPH curve. Now, three people are dead; as many as 80 injured.

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WSDOT and Sound Transit chose revenues over safety. Bob Ferguson, when not suing President Trump in order to raise money to run for Governor, sometimes acts as Washington State Attorney General. He has offered no complaint and no condemnation of the Dupont Amtrak Crash. The same Bob Ferguson is suing Value Village for not clearly telling customers they buy stuff from charities. He sued a florist because she wouldn’t help celebrate a same sex wedding. He plans to sue the FCC over so called Net Neutrality. But, Bob Ferguson is silent about the Dupont Amtrak Crash. Sideshow Bob, apparently, has no issues with revenue over lives when the bad actors are his political cronies.

Some questions Ferguson could ask about the Amtrak crash:

And Ferguson could ask: what bonuses did WSDOT and Sound Transit employees receive for cutting safety corners to chase federal moneys?

Bob Ferguson should act, but he will not

Bob Ferguson is a political hack and opportunist. He should pursue this, but he will not. Ferguson never spoke about the millions of gallons of sewage spilled in Puget Sound, because it was a liberal Democrat-controlled government that spilled it. He pretends to be a crusader for maintaining federal law, but he is silent about the defacto legalization of heroin in King County because it is run by a leftist cabal he will need in his ongoing quest to be governor.

Bob Ferguson will likewise ignore the Dupont Amtrak Crash. He has earned his nickname of Sideshow Bob.

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