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Sochi makes Boze and Medved love America even more


“Russia is delightfully debunking the age-old myth that dictatorship means the trains run on time,” KTTH host Ben Shapiro tweeted during the Winter Olympics opening ceremony Friday morning.

If you haven’t heard, the Sochi Olympics are not running as smoothly as they should.

Hotels are half finished, with one even missing a roof; toilets are not connected to plumbing, or bear signs warning not to flush toilet paper down them; feral dogs run wild; and Russian officials are apparently using surveillance cameras to monitor shower use.

In a lighthearted cross-talk Friday morning, KTTH hosts Michael Medved and David Boze said that the Russians’ Olympics fumble has them loving America more than ever.
“There’s a sign in many of the hotels warning, ‘do NOT put toilet paper into the toilet,'” Medved reported.
“They are more environmentally friendly than I ever dreamed!” Boze replied.

Looking back on a week in American sports that saw hundreds of thousands of people attend either the Super Bowl or the huge Seahawks victory rally in downtown Seattle, Medved and Boze say that for all the talk of infrastructure decline in the U.S., things are actually great.

“[The Sochi Olympics is] such a contrast to what you saw with the Super Bowl,” Medved said. “The amazing thing about the Super Bowl is it’s this huge event with so many moving parts, and, unless you’re a Broncos fan, it was gorgeously choreographed.

“We in the U.S. hear about how we can’t do anything – I think it’s overstated. You want to look at crumbling infrastructure, look at Russia.”

Medved remembered a piece from the opening of the London Olympics where the Brits celebrated their socialized medicine system. He wondered if the Russians would take an opportunity to celebrate the success of communism.

“I wonder if they’re going to have a tribute to Soviet-era collective farms,” Medved said.

“I think that’s what the garbage can next to the toilet is – that’s a tribute to the Soviet era,” Boze retorted.

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