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Chris Matthews finds racism in Republican remarks

Some people are good at finding useful things like gold, oil, truffles, or undervalued real estate.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is good at finding racism.

Anywhere, anytime, Chris Matthews is a racism bloodhound.
KTTH host Dave Boze caught Matthews talking about his most recent racism discovery. Matthews thinks it’s racist that Republicans criticized President Barack Obama for taking the unprecedented and monarchical step to use executive power to approve laws, skirting Congress.

Matthews based his latest racial discovery off some Republicans saying that Obama is behaving “lawlessly” in issuing the orders. That’s because the word “lawless” indicates illegitimacy, which – bear with us here – relates to the movement questioning whether Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate.

And so-called “birthers,” Matthews says, are racist.

But where were Matthews’ racism claims when liberals called George W. Bush “illegitimate” for “stealing” the 2000 election? Or when they called John McCain a “maverick”?

“One of the ways you get beyond racism is treating this president as you would any other,” Boze said. “Criticizing the policy of this president and the personality of the president the same as you would any other president, and ignoring the color of his skin. That’s how you get beyond racism.”

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