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Where’s Governor Jay Inslee in Machinist vote?

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson speaks alongside Kent Mayor Suzette Cooke, Snohomish County Executive John Lovick, and former Snohomish County Executive Bob Drewel - among other local politicians. (Snohomish County government via Twitter)

Taken from Monday’s edition of the Dori Monson Show, guest starring David Boze

Remember the governor of the state was talking as though he’s part of the team and he’s going to be focused on making sure Boeing stays?

What we’ve heard and read of the governor is: look, I know this is going to be a really tough issue and a really tough vote. I think they should vote. I’m not saying which way they should vote. I don’t want to say which way or the other, but I just really think they should vote because these jobs are important. Maybe they should vote yes or maybe they should vote no. It’s really important to the Pacific Northwest, but it’s also really important that we don’t say which direction somebody should vote.

What kind of leadership is that? If you say this is a competition that Team Washington is going through (this guy is the quarterback, for crying out loud), where is the quarterbacking?

This is just backing away.

I don’t know if the Machinist union or Washington State Labor Council ever showed up to his Christmas party at the governor’s mansion, but since you’re already ticking them off by not taking any kind of stand whatsoever, you might as well take a real stand.

I’m looking at this picture of Puget Sound area political leaders appearing at a press conference urging Machinists to vote in favor of the contract and who’s missing? The governor of the state of Washington.

The top political leader in the state is not there saying anything. Where’s Senator Patty Murray? She’s not saying anything. Senator Maria Cantwell? Is she saying anything? Congressional delegations – are they saying a whole lot?

You might be on the opposite side. If so, fine, say something. But if you really think that these jobs are at stake and therefore the future of our economy in the state of Washington is at stake and you really do believe a lot of families are going to lose these wonderful family-wage types of jobs that are extremely difficult to replace once lost – if you believe all these things and you believe you’re selling out the future Washington state, it seems to me that if you don’t speak up, you probably don’t belong in the office you hold.

Taken from Monday’s edition of the Dori Monson Show, guest starring David Boze

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