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Boze on Phil Robertson: opinions are our ‘cultural glue’

The "Duck Dynasty" family with patriarch Phil Robertson at far left. (AP)

The controversy over comments made by “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson in an interview with GQ magazine continues to rage – most recently with A&E suspending Robertson from the show – but David Boze wondered why there is a controversy at all.

According to excerpts GQ released of the interview, Robertson tells a reporter that he does not understand why gay men prefer sex with each other to sex with women. The excerpts do not indicate that Robertson said anything hateful or judgmental about gays.

“He was asked questions; he gave answers of what he thought. There is no mystery here,” said Boze. “And then suddenly you have the thought police racing to discredit the man.”

Boze said that there is value in Robertson’s comments not necessarily for their content, but simply because it gives an opportunity for a cultural discussion.

“Being able to have discussion, I think, it’s part of the cultural glue,” Boze said. “I like the idea in the United States where we share views with each other … We even get offended by one another, yet we have this commercial exchange that forces us to deal with each other as well.

“He’s expressing confusion about a preference. Wow, this has you freaked out?”

Joining Boze on air, KTTH host Michael Medved agreed, wondering why there is controversy over Robertson’s answers to specific questions about homosexuality.

“The idea that this is hateful, this is vile?” Medved said. “His real crime here, if you’re Phil Robertson, don’t agree to an interview with GQ.”

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