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White House to pay Hollywood writers for Obamacare-themed storylines during your favorite TV shows

David Boze's idea for Hollywood writers: even though their flesh is literally falling off bones, they're still up and running and it's thanks to (Image courtesy AMC)

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The David Boze Show.

The president is in the middle of tweaking his promise – he’s trying to renew the love the American people once had for him – and he’s willing to buy it.

They’ve already given out grants to writers in Hollywood so they can incorporate some Obamacare themes into the programs you watch.

It’s funny because every once in a while, I will talk about messages being sent through entertainment – and people will make fun of me: my friends, my non-political friends, producer Nicole will make fun of me. But this is proof of what I was saying. It’s not a coincidence when you’re getting some sort of indoctrination in your entertainment – in fact both the left and right pay for it.

Only, when the conservative right pays for it, people get upset. There have been certain circumstances where the Bush administration was paying for some positive spin on stories and it ended some careers in Hollywood because writers were writing the story lines and taking the money.

But it seems like the liberal left is able to do this all the time and just mask it as something else.

In this case, they want to incorporate some positive spin on Obamacare despite the fact that the website doesn’t work.

My guess is writers will just be thrilled that they’re getting a paycheck. (Which, by the way, means that you won’t need a DVR, it will be incorporated in to the show – it’s the best kind of ad because you can’t avoid it.)

I did have one suggestion though. I think if all of the zombies in “The Walking Dead” had been on the health exchange and there was some kind of link there. I’m not sure they’re going to take that one on because you could look at it two different ways. The negative of course, is that these zombies don’t look healthy, all those rotting corpses, running around on AMC. Or, even though their flesh is literally falling off bones, they’re still up and running and it’s thanks to

That’s a powerful message.

I’m not even going to charge money for that idea, although I would be perfectly willing to accept that money and so would everyone on staff here.

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The David Boze Show.


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