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Soldier says Army claims American Family Association is terrorist group

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The David Boze Show.

This starts with an email sent to Fox News from an anonymous soldier. He was at Camp Shelby in Mississippi when he first heard the Army had listed the American Family Association alongside the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and Neo-Nazis.

As an illustration of the American Family Association, they put up a picture of Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. But the American Family Association has no affiliation whatsoever with any of these groups. It is an outrage that they would compare those groups.

It’s an outrage that this respected Christian ministry would be compared to terrorist organization like the Klan.

And yet, while in this meeting, soldiers are allegedly being told they must disassociate themselves from groups like the AFA.


The AFA considers homosexuality immoral.

Now, I’m wondering if the military is also going to have a special meeting where they’re going to identify the entire Islamic faith as terrorists because they too consider homosexuality immoral.

Or, if the military will do the same with the Catholic faith?

Considering something immoral is not the same as hating. Just because some people are offended by it – doesn’t mean that it’s hatred.

This is an assault on the faith of Americans.

According to the Fox report, a chaplain interrupted the briefing and challenged the assertion that the AFA was a hate group. The instructor leading the presentation said that the AFA should be considered a hate group because they don’t like gay people. The AFA refers to the gay people as sinners and heathens and derogatory terms.

And the chaplain asked, are you sure abut that?

Of course there is no real interest in finding out how they really define things. And even if they said “sinner,” my guess is they would reply, ‘for all have sinned’ – because that’s how they would roll.

Meanwhile, the soldiers were told they would face a punishment for participating in organizations that are considered hate groups.

This administration hasn’t defined Major Nidal Malik Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, a terrorist. But they can have instructors running around trying to figure out a Christian ministry group is a hate group because they have positions on sexual immorality? Positions that basically every faith organization has had throughout the United States, including the religious preference of the President of the United States?

It’s an odd thing that all the sudden this is supposed to be a hate group.

It’s a disturbing and spreading trend in this administration and this government – trying to redefine anything they disagree with as hate and as danger. I think that’s destructive to the fabric of our country and an assault on the faith of countless Americans.

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The David Boze Show.


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