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Obamacare Navigator raked over for giving out bad information

I was watching this CBS Local 6 report about a “Navigator” for Obamacare giving wrong information about whether a credit report could be used by insurance companies in determining whether to sell a plan. The navigator initially said they could, then backtracked after realizing her mistake.

What I found funny was how this news crew raked this lady over the coals for her mistake. Obviously, I am not a fan of the ACA (Obamacare), but we all know that even though we passed it, we’re still finding out what’s in it and that includes the people who wrote it. So why should it be so surprising that those “trained” to sort through it also make mistakes? The IRS famously makes mistakes on taxpayer help lines because the code is too complex, why would this be any different?

Anyway, I found myself laughing out loud watching this news crew “get to the bottom of this.”

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