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Video: Is it Bigfoot or a bear hunter?

A newly posted video purportedly shows Bigfoot lumbering across a mountaintop in southern BC. (YouTube)

Bradley Manning? Anthony Weiner? Obama’s tax proposals? Sure there’s plenty of talk about all of that lately, but what’s really got KTTH and nationally syndicated host Michael Medved excited is the new video that just surfaced of a supposed Bigfoot sighting here in the Northwest.

A video posted on YouTube shows a mysterious figure lumbering through the Canadian wilderness outside Mission, British Columbia, about 50 miles north of Lynden, Washington.

Like many of these purported “sightings”, the video is blurry, shaky, and shot from far away. The figure looks to be covered in hair and can be seen walking from behind a tree and ambles across the mountaintop before disappearing out of frame into the woods.

For self-avowed Bigfoot believer Medved, it’s just another sign we have undiscovered friends living out in the wilds among us, wondering if the video has yet to be vetted by the official Bigfoot Field Researchers Association.

But fellow KTTH host David Boze remains unbowed in his disbelief.

“I put it through the Boze Field Research Association and my own interpretation is that it is a guy in probably some camouflage or something walking around. And I’m not even sure he’s pretending to be Bigfoot. I think he might just be looking for bears or eating berries or something.”

Medved also wonders if we should put Homeland Security or the Department of Immigration on the case.

“Will he try to crash the border without proper documentation?”

Bigfoot or bear hunter? What does it look like to you?

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