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Undercover abortion video revelations

Late term abortion, like rape and incest exceptions, seems to unite most people on abortion policy. Vast majorities seem to prefer abortion be an option in cases of rape and incest AND would prefer late term abortions be restricted. Yet you’d hardly know it from the coverage of the issue by the left wing media elite in this country. With their bias, the ONLY “moderate” position on abortion is one in which it is celebrated and embraced at every stage. That’s nonsense and the Kermit Gosnell case and the rise of the internet seems to have given rise to a movement to change that.

The latest weapon in that culture war is this undercover video in which abortion doctors advise a young woman to give birth to the aborted fetus on a hotel toilet. It’s jarring and painful–especially when you think of the fact that this advice seems to indicated that many young women have endured this devastation alone, in hotel rooms, waiting for abortion clinic staff to arrive.

Three parts of the video struck me.

1. The urging that the young women “not look down”– not see the baby.

2. The description of putting a needle through the baby’s head. I’m not squimish, but I found that chilling.

3. The assertion that the baby may or may not feel pain. It quickly shifted to, “yes, it does, but that’s the way it goes.”

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