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Obama “for the sake of humankind!”

Channeling his best imitation of “Captain Planet” President Obama declared that he will circumvent congress for the sake of all mankind, and save the planet through regulation himself.

It’s an odd thing for a president who frequently expresses such concern for the constitution to declare.

The president says he has “no patience” for the “flat earth crowd” that insists, among other things, on bringing up the fact that the earth has been cooling since 1998 and that climate models have failed to predict current climate behavior.

So he is at war with “fossil fuels” and will instead choose winners and losers (and political friends and enemies). Apparently, those who point out that increased fuel efficiency and new technology might accomplish things with carbon fuels at a lesser price than betting on current solar is a point also left to flat earthers and people who work with cars.

What really struck me though was how the president was essentially declaring war on the precisely the kinds of jobs that would most likely pay a living, family wage. Where’s the outcry from the left, at supposed bastion of support for the working man?

So far, it’s limited to one man in West Virginia.

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