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Boy raped at school… school fails to call police.

You cannot read this story without being enraged. An 8 year old boy was allegedly dragged into a bathroom stall, had his arms held behind his back, and was forced to perform oral sex on a 5th grader and two 3rd graders. The 5th grader was previously known to have allegedly inappropriately touched a 3rd grade girl under her skirt in 2009.

According to the NY Daily News, “After the attack on the boy, the two third-graders received a five-day suspension, and the ring leader — who has since left the school — received a 10-day suspension, the lawsuit says.”

The school didn’t call the police. The victims mom did.

This school is known to be a regular on the “most dangerous schools” list. Think about that. A school can stay in business and be known as dangerous! Conservatives have long argued for choice in schools and been demonized for it while innocent kids are sent to the wolves.

I can only imagine what the homelife must be like for a 5th grader to do these things. I’m sure pornography and pain have molded him (and his evil has spread to others-in victims and in those he’s convinced to participate in this evil), but at some point you have to stop the cycle even if it means isolating a child who has become a monster.


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