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Stand By Your Rand

Can the federal government launch a weaponized drone attack against a U.S. citizen (not in the midst of an act of violence) on U.S. soil? It was a simple question that should have received a simple answer. Instead, Rand Paul was getting the run-around from Attorney General Eric Holder. At the time, some were mocking him for insisting on a clear answer–of course, NOW some of those people are wondering which of their emails Mr. Holder has read.

Anyway, it was a simple question with a simple answer and while many (Rubio, Cruz, etc.) sided with Rand Paul in his filibuster, others did not (McCain,etc) . And while I shared their disagreement with Senator Paul on some aspects of his foreign policy ideas, I thought his question was fair and deserved a clear response. At the time, I saw a column in National Review called “Stand by Your Rand”-it made me laugh, so this parody was created (for complete lyrics, click on the video and they are posted beneath it on YouTube).

Luckily for us, drone policy still has the public’s attention. And while President Obama himself did finally give a clear, appropriate answer to this question, he could have saved himself a lot of time and trouble if he’d have just stood with Rand from the get-go.

Sometimes it’s hard to get an answer
‘specially when it comes to one great man
We’ve had good times
And they’ve had bad times
Cause our drones fly over Pakistan

But when it’s drones for lands domestic
It’s just not that hard to understand
And if you launch them
Well- you can’t launch them
Cause after all, it’s law not man

Stand by your Rand
The Bill of Rights he clings to
When there are drones to kill you
While you are drinking coffee

Stand by your Rand
And tell the worlds’ there’s limits
The state can’t do just what it can-an!
Stand by your Rand!

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