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The “Tax Terrorist”

Is it wrong to speculate that a terrorist might be inspired by an anti-government ideology?

Of course not. There are examples of it happening. But while the left-wing media seems ready and willing to focus on the idea that advocating less government is one step away from terrorist madness, they don’t bother much with the fact that their own big-government ideology has been home to many a maniac.

Some are angry at the following comment by David Axelrod. Is it possible that such an attack could be carried out by an anti-government group? Sure. Is it possible it could be a left-wing plot as well? You bet!

For those who want to take it a step further and try to smear all conservatives with something, I would remind them that Hitler was a vegetarian and liked to call himself a socialist, but that doesn’t mean all vegetarians and socialists are out to exterminate non-Germanic races.

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