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Flu now widespread in Washington state

(File, Associated Press)

The flu is now considered to be widespread in Washington state.

The Center for Disease Control says the number of lab tests positive for the flu increased 25 percent in the last three weeks.

During the current flu season, there have been four flu deaths in Pierce County, one in King County and five in Snohomish County.

Officials at the Snohomish County Health District are concerned that there have been that many deaths before the peak point in the season.

In addition, 50 other people sickened by the flu in Snohomish County were hospitalized.

Most of the people who have died from the flu were older than 70 and had underlying health conditions.

According to the Daily Herald, the number of patients who tested positive for flu at the Everett Clinic has steadily gone up over the last three weeks.

Health officials there say that’s a sign that influenza cases will continue to increase for the rest of the month.

The health district said most people who have fallen ill did not get the flu shot, but it’s still not too late to get one.

Health officials say with the flu season peaking between now and March, getting a shot will not only protect yourself but also those around you.

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